We asked our employees what they love about Gravity: 


“I love the culture and energy at Gravity. When you walk in you can feel the positive energy circulating around the building. Every department works together to help out where it is needed so the job gets done and done well. Employees strive to provide patient’s results accurately and efficiently with the reminder that these results affect people’s lives. The culture at Gravity is incomparable and something I am so happy to be a part of!” – Kylie V.

“Our company starts with our people, and we have the best there is! Everyone’s attitude, willingness to help, commitment to innovation and continuous improvement on all fronts, team approach, and as always, following the golden rule is what makes us who we are. We are a growing and ever-changing company striving to help serve our patients and physicians in the most effective and actionable way possible, our employees and leadership make that possible!” – Allison W.

“I love Gravity because of all of the wonderful people here. I have developed multiple friendships and enjoy working next to my friends! We all come together to help our team run smoothly and we can always count on each other. The people here make work a fun place to be .” – Paige M.

“I love that the company has a family feel to it. Everyone knows the importance we play in the health of our communities and it is great to see the pride everyone takes in helping out. This company would not be where it is without the strong commitment and teamwork of its valued employees. I love that Gravity Diagnostics loves its employees and wants to take care of them any way they can.” – Noah S.

“I love that Gravity very clearly genuinely cares about their employees, and provides a safe place to work during this pandemic.” – Kyle C.

“I love the optimistic, collaborative spirit of this company. There’s seemingly nothing we can’t accomplish or resolve.” – John N.

“There are multiple reasons I love Gravity. The main one is working with all of these wonderful people with the same goal in mind, making a positive impact in the community and saving a life.” – Kayla M.

“I love the comradery and culture at Gravity. Everyone, every day, is all hands on deck working together to get samples in and out the door as efficiently as possible in order to help as many patients as we can!” – Josie P.

“I love how Gravity continuously shows gratitude towards all their employees.” – Brooke P.

“I love that Gravity is a place that cares that its work improves the lives of people in our own community and throughout the nation, enriches the lives of its employees, and continues to aspire to make a difference! Gravity realizes the value of the employees who ARE the company and works to ensure that each person understands their role and feels appreciated for what they bring to the organization. Also, Gravity allows employees to have fun while saving lives!” – Mary T.

I love working for a company where women dominate executive roles. I am blown away at how incredibly intelligent everyone is. I love working with people who have a sense of humor and can make morning meetings ‘fun’!” – Tracy P.

“I love the people! From my coworkers to our incredible lab and accessioning teams, to our exceptional clients on the front lines. Everyone is always doing their best to make a difference for the lives of the patients we serve and it’s something truly remarkable to be a part of!” – Rachel C.

“I love the work Gravity provides! Not only is Gravity a “diagnostics” lab but where my job is located, it is a vital part of consumers’ recovery! We are able to provide Covid 19 testing and the turnaround time for results is AWESOME. Our consumers are in quarantine until results are in. I am able to check the portal on my phone at any time and can make a call to release them into our consumer population. This is where Gravity plays a part in their steps to recovery. They are then able to attend substance abuse classes and start on their road to recovery.” – Robin J.

“I love the closeness and family atmosphere that Gravity creates for the employees. When employees work as a team and a whole, it creates a wonderful and happy work environment. So glad I was accepted to come aboard for this experience.” – Tonia B.

I love the way that Gravity has shown love and support to all of their employees at all times. The way that they keep us updated on the latest within the company. You couldn’t ask for much better!” – Crystal D.

“I love working for Gravity because they are very efficient and professional.” – Pamela J.

“I’ve been at Gravity for 3.5 years and the way everyone responded to the pandemic was so inspiring. We have grown so much in the last 12 months and the new faces we’ve brought in have been key to our success from accessioning to the lab to the business side. I am truly proud to be a part of this company and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store!” – Roger K.

“What I liked about Gravity is that it was a small Company. The Company is generous in taking care of its employees. I like the atmosphere, the friendly coworkers, and what Gravity has to offer.” – Kimberly B.

“I like how each employee in Gravity work so hard every day to get the test results back to the patients as soon as possible. When working with them, I feel motivated.” – Chi H. C

“I have only been here for about a month but I already LOVE Gravity! I love the teamwork that I see exhibited each and every day. Everyone that I have met has been so kind and helpful. I love how we are all learning together and working all for the same goal. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Gravity!” – Emily W.

“I love the people I work with on a daily basis. The managers and supervisors are amazing in our building. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help each other. In GD2 we are family.” – Crystal S.

“I love the people I work with at Gravity and the potential to help so many patients with our lab services. We are an awesome company!” – Sarah D.

I love working at Gravity because every day I can feel like I’m helping in saving lives. I love the dynamic of working at Gravity where everyone has each other’s backs and we can all work together to get the job done. It’s a team that I am proud to be a part of.” – Joshua U.

“I find the environment to be a warm and welcoming one along with the people I work with. Even with the work slowing down I can still find things to work on that I find important so I never feel a dull moment. Management has always been understanding and respectful since I started and I find them to be extremely helpful and kind. This is a fantastic company and I hope that I am able to stay in the Gravity family for the foreseeable future.” – Aidan R. 

“I love the atmosphere here at gravity. The people who work here are so approachable and helpful. I love being apart of a team who are making a difference in patient’s lives every day.” – Hope H. 

“I love all the amazing people that always made my days at Gravity super fantastic. I love being apart of something so amazing. Team Gravity, I’m always proud to tell someone where I work.” – Sonya A. 

“I love how eager everyone is to help those around them do their work better. I get a real feeling of not just teamwork, but family here.” – Dan P.

“This company not only cares about the employees but cares about the community and the patients we test. I am totally honored to work for a company that also contributed to the Wounded Warriors Project.” – Karla H. 

“I like that you are able to do your work with no micro-managing, or supervision other than when necessary for feedback or coaching. I like that it is different but manageable and stress-free. I like that there are opportunities for growth and regular communication about Gravity’s future plans.” – Margie B.

“I love the inclusive environment fostered by encouraging leaders.” – Hemen A.

“I love the great opportunity it has provided for myself and the amazing people I get to work with.” – Brock Cassin 

“During times like these family matters the most and here at gravity, we are family.” – Shelby S.

“I love the job we do. We are making a difference. Everyone is like family and that’s nice to be apart of.” – Debby W.

“The teamwork. Everyone is just so nice and we all work together amazingly.” – Jessica H. 

“Working at Gravity allows you to build relationships while working in the public. It really makes your daily work more enjoyable.” – LaManda F.