Upper Respiratory Testing

Infectious Diseases are diseases caused by biological agents, which can be transmitted to others and include viral, bacterial, and fungal organisms. If left undiagnosed and untreated, these diseases can lead to severe sickness. At Gravity Diagnostics, we test for 38 of these organisms that target the upper respiratory and sexually transmitted infections. And with an industry-leading turn-around-time, the patient can get the specific treatment they need promptly.

Upper Respiratory Panel

Advanced molecular microbiology testing allows for the detection of infectious agents by their specific DNA sequence. This technique can identify mixed infections from a single specimen and produces results days before traditional methods reducing the unnecessary overuse of antibiotics.

  • Gravity Diagnostics has a comprehensive upper respiratory panel covering 33 organisms
  • Testing is performed using Real-Time PCR Technology, reducing the number of false positives you may see with rapid flu tests
  • Reduces the overuse of antibiotics for non-bacterial infections
  • Detects co-infections that may require different treatment options
  • Testing is non-invasive, using an e-swab sample for collection
  • Industry leading turn-around times
  • Personalized easy-to-read reports

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