Medication monitoring identifies drugs and metabolites in a patient’s system to determine compliance with treatment plans. The combination of state-of-art equipment with our proprietary methodology results in accurate, rapid detection of over 80 compounds to have the results you need when you need them.

Medication management based on your unique patient population 

We’ve developed a method to analyze your specific patient population. We present this analysis in our GRAV Report to recommend what you should be ordering and to substantiate why, should insurance companies ever question medical necessity.

Get a sample GRAV Report to see how our data helps you with medication management. 

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Gravity Diagnostics is a state-of-the art laboratory offering a comprehensive, customizable and compliant toxicology testing menu with over 80 different drug compounds validated on highly complex and selective LCMS/MS instrumentation for definitive drug confirmation.

We provide clinical data that can be utilized to detect both the presence or absence of prescribed medications as evidence of prescription regimen compliance or detect the presence of illicit or non-prescribed medications, in each patient sample.


Our toxicology testing services offer our providers:

• A comprehensive menu testing for a wide range of medications, their metabolites and illicit or non-prescribed substances

• Clinical data that can be used to assess patient compliance in medication management

• The ability to monitor medications for potentially harmful drug-to-drug interactions – some of which patients may forget to mention or choose to omit when providing medication history

• Detection or monitoring of substance abuse disorders

• Critical information to support therapeutic decision making when prescribing controlled substances

• Defensible results provided by following the most stringent quality guidelines and standards

• Rapid and industry-competitive turnaround times

• Historical summaries provided for testing for reoccurring patients

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