Team Gravity is Thankful for…


Team Gravity is thankful for so many things:

“I’ve never worked with a group of people more collectively selfless than at Gravity. Seeing the willingness every day to put in the extra effort and work the long hours in the spirit of saving lives is truly something special and I am thankful to be even a small part of it all.” – Blake B.

“I appreciate that the company shows interest and care to their employees better than I have ever seen in previous employment. There’s always an incentive to make work feel more fulfilling, and there are rewards when they are due to the hardworking staff.” – Brett B.

“To have such a supportive team, that is motivating and always readily available to help in any way they can.” – Samantha E.

“I am thankful for a wonderful work environment. Everyone is very helpful and nice. This is a great place to work!” – Cassandra T.

“I am thankful that #TeamGravity always steps up when we need the extra help to accomplish tasks. Our sample count is high but everyone kicks it into gear and gets it done!” – Shaye M.

“I LOVE the culture at Gravity. #TheGravityWay is the only way to go!” – Emily S.

“I’m thankful to be in a positive work environment.” – Kelsey M.

“The teamwork and the appreciation shown by leadership and management.” – Lisa A.

“For knowing I’m making a difference, helping to get people the info so others can be saved! It’s a remarkable feeling knowing at the end of every day you helped make it possible! So thank you for allowing me to be a part of the solution.” – Angela S.

“The passion #TeamGravity has for the work! Everyone cares and that’s the most important aspect of our job. Every sample we touch affects a life and we should never lose sight of that fact!” –  JP C.

“My brother in law passed away this past year. We were not able to attend his funeral due to travel and quarantine restrictions. I am just so thankful that the Gravity team continues to do everything it can in the fight against this virus so that we can once again return to our natural desire to laugh, cry and eat together. #goteamgravity #teamgravity” – Chris S.

“Thankful to have been a part of The Little Company that could and to have witnessed the growth into The Big Company that is. Thankful for bosses that see value in their employees and for coworkers that all work together to the goal of making a difference.” – Beth E.

“Flexible, kind, and understanding management!” – Jammie S.

“Our kindness, our collaboration, our #TeamGravity spirit, our determination get it done, no matter what the challenge. Our ambition and drive to excel!” – Heather B.

“I love the positive energy that this team generates and the servant’s heart at the core of this company.” – John N.

“So many employees are genuinely excited about the role they play in Gravity’s success.” – Maria S.

“My coworkers are always kind, helpful, and willing to answer any questions I have. Gravity Diagnostics is a good place to be a new employee.” – Steven D.

“I am thankful for working with a positive company, who appreciates their employees and shows it by the incentives that are given. It’s nice to wake up in the morning and go to work for a company that you appreciate and are thankful for. I look forward to learning more about Gravity. #teamgravity!!” – Kimberly B.

“I am thankful to work for a company that appreciates its employees and makes us feel valued. I’m thankful to work with my amazing coworkers and to save lives every day that I’m at work.” – Alex B.

“The wonderful people!! I have only been here a few short days and I have yet to meet a person who isn’t passionate about what they do and willing to go out of their way to make me feel welcomed.” – Karen H.

“I am thankful I work with a lot of friendly and knowledgeable people who aren’t afraid to help me whenever I need it.” – Matthew W.

“To be surrounded by people who are constantly giving their all to make this company as great as we can be. I am on the counts team, and I couldn’t be any happier about it.” – Emma C.

“The culture here is amazing! The teamwork and collaboration within every department makes #TeamGravity superior.” – Bekah N.

“The encouragement from staff and support has been so overwhelming. After walking into a job with little lab experience, everyone lifted me with confidence. I’m forever grateful for everyone at #TeamGravity!” – Emily G

“The way the company cares for its employees. My coworkers and the TL’s everyone has been so nice since I’ve been here.” – Corliss K.

“What makes me feel thankful about working with #TeamGravity is for one that I am employed during this time of the year, and Pandemic! Also, Heather Bogner who did a fantastic job from start to finish made the process really smooth, and created a wonderful RCM Team! I also love the fact that the leaders here really do appreciate and take care of their employees!” – Michelle J.

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to have a sense of purpose and meaning each day I come to work. I’m thankful for a team that also feels the same and works together for a greater good!” – Lauren C.

“I am thankful to have this supportive and exciting environment in which to work! I have great team members and leaders and I am proud to call Gravity my workplace.” – Tammy D.

“#TeamGravity, is honestly so awesome. From the managers to your coworkers, everyone is so helpful and we all come together as a team to support one another. Management never fails to let you know how grateful they are for all of us, and the atmosphere is very chill. I love my team!” – Jessica T.

“The way that they treat their employees is beyond something I have ever experienced before. From just rewards to benefits to interacting with other coworkers and even making one another feel special with so many employees is incredible. I love it here.” – Camden D.

“I am grateful to have a wonderful family away from home who love and support one another. The culture here is wonderful and no matter how busy or crazy the day is I always look forward to seeing my team each and every day!” – Ammie M.

As you can see, #TeamGravity has a lot to be thankful for!