Director of Information Technology


Stephen Schuster,
Director of Information Technology

Stephen Schuster is a graduate of the University of Kentucky, holding degrees in Engineering - Computer Science, and Biology. With over 25 years in IT, and the last 12 in Healthcare Stephen has also worked in the Airline, Oil, and other fields. Prior to his college years Stephen was in the military for 4 years.

Some interesting facts:
Stephen moved to Yanbu, SA during his 5th grade year and returned to the states as a Sr. in High School, spending most of his youth overseas.

Stephen published his first program in 1984, written for the VIC-20, in Ahoy! magazine.

Stephen , in a previous life, ran marathons. His Flying Pig times was 3:07.

With 3 kids, Stephen has been married for almost 30 years to the woman he met in homeroom class in High School, Tamara. His oldest child is currently a 2nd year resident in Hazard, KY doing undeserved area medicine. His two sons are still in college and currently doing classes from home.

His passions are his family, traveling, and computers. His wife jokingly calls his office "pretend NASA" as he has more monitors and equipment than is probably safe for his health.

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