A major contributor to an individual’s health is the genes they inherited from their parents. Through genomic testing a variety of information can be determined about a person including how they will metabolize and respond to certain medications. Our services allow providers to personalize their treatments for each patient to improve outcomes and raise the standard of care.

Pharmacogenomics testing identifies specific differences within an individual’s DNA and how those differences affect their response to certain medications. This information allows a provider to determine the best match between a patient and their medications.

Benefits of PGx:

  • Reduced adverse drug events
  • Improves patient adherence to medication
  • Prevents trial and error approach to treating patients
  • Minimizes side effects by maximizing the drug-dose response relationship
  • Simple cheek swab collection is painless and needle-free
  • Color coded reports allows for quick visualization of problematic drugs
  • Proprietary algorithm identifies potential drug-to-drug interactions

Physicians have been using the “One Size Fits All” “Trial and Error” approaches when treating patients for decades

“Personalized Medicine” Physicians can see their patient’s genetic profile and how they will respond to the medication and other medication reactions before they even prescribe


How our testing process works

  • Step One

    Physician orders

  • Step Two

    Collect saliva specimen

  • Step Three

    Send to Gravity
    Diagnostics Laboratories

  • Step Six

    Physician reviews test
    results with patient

  • Step Five

    Analyze data and
    generate report

  • Step Four

    Run Pharmacogenomics
    test on specimen

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