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We are an advocate for physicians and patients, supporting them with unsurpassed integrity, regulatory compliance, and clinical expertise. Our pledge to deliver the highest professional operating standards in the laboratory service industry coupled with ongoing research and support exemplifies our commitment to being provider engaged and patient focused. 

Rapid Turnaround a Priority...

At Gravity Diagnostics, we take pride in providing extremely fast turnaround times for all of our tests. Typically when a toxicology sample is received at the lab, physicians are able to see their results in 3 business days. Infectious Disease samples are processed and reported out to the physician the same day that we receive them in the lab. Physicians are able to see results for Pharmacogenomic tests in 5 business days or less.

Infectious Disease Tests Delivered - Same Day (1 day)
Toxicology Tests Delivered - 3 Business Days
Pharmacogenomics Tests Delivered - 5 Business Days

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