by Liz Bonis, WKRC, Thursday, October 24th 2019

CINCINNATI (WKRC) – A local company has just launched a new direct-to-consumer DNA test.

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The local company that makes it is in Covington and it’s called Gravity Diagnostics. They analyze lab results there from doctor’s offices all around the country.

Chief of staff at Gravity Diagnostics Allison Wimmers says the test works like many where you order the kit, swab your cheeks and place those in tubes to send to the lab. But what makes it unique is that this is to help you take charge of your health, not just learn your family genetics.

Tony Remington, CEO and president at Gravity Diagnostics, says the report can tell you things like what drug or dose works or doesn’t work.

“We believe a clinician should be there for you along that path. And so, Get My DNA is a way for consumers to actually buy the testing directly without insurance or anyone else involved, but we include a physician in that so that you have a consultant along the way to help you with your health care,” Remington said.

Wimmers says you get the results through a HIPAA-compliant portal in about seven business days or less.

“You get your results fast, therefore you can take action as quick as possible, and then you consult with your doctor,” said Wimmers.

Click here to order the test. It’s $249, but you can take $50 off the price with promo code 50OFF.