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D/L Isomer testing is extremely important when it comes to medication management. Isomers are molecules that have the same molecular formula, but are arranged differently in space. For example, your hands can be seen as isomers. Your right and left hands both have the same type and amount of fingers, but your right hand does not fit perfectly in a left-handed glove. Think of the D isomer as your right hand, and the L isomer as your left hand. These two molecules have the same type of “fingers,” but are arranged differently. Testing for D/L isomers can help separate legal forms of methamphetamine from other possibly illicit forms by isolating the different structures of the molecules.

Most laboratories do not perform this type of testing due to the technical challenges. Gravity Diagnostics has the methodologies that are capable of testing isomers in house, whereas other labs must send the samples elsewhere if they want isomer testing conducted.

A patient may test positive for methamphetamine and tell their doc: “I use over-the-counter Vicks and that’s why the test is positive.” If the doctor suspects that the patient may not be telling the truth, they can order a D/L isomer test for clarification and confirmation. Greater than 20% of the D-methamphetamine isomer most likely indicates the use of the illicit form of methamphetamine, or the prescription drug. Less than 20% of the D-methamphetamine isomer (81% or greater L-methamphetamine isomer) would most likely indicate the use of the non-regulated form of methamphetamine, such as Vicks inhaler or Selegiline.

Knowing whether or not a patient is taking the illicit form or over-the-counter form of methamphetamine is important in order for physicians to properly treat their patients. If a patient is not honest about the medications they are taking, possible drug-to-drug interactions can occur and make it difficult and potentially dangerous to prescribe the patient other medications.

We would like to introduce our lab, Gravity Diagnostics to you. We are a CLIA certified laboratory licensed in all 50 states, including New York. We are currently working with a select group of laboratories in New York providing reference laboratory services for LC-MS/MS Urine Drug testing, Upper Respiratory Infection testing, Sexually Transmitted Infection testing and Pharmacogenomics testing. Partnering with Gravity Diagnostics has allowed them to offer a diverse portfolio of products to best serve their customers and streamline services for their customers.

If you are interested in broadening your scope of services with D/L isomer testing for your customers, please contact aremington@gravitydiagnostics.com


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