Within 5 months of submitting our FDA EUA we processed over half a million COVID-19 samples, supplied 40% of all testing for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and are only continuing to commit more resources for helping increase the availability of testing on a national level.


The graph shown below should be used as a guide to help you best indicate what testing is best needed at certain times in the infection cycle of a virus.


0-14 Days

2-14 Days

1-8 Weeks

Weeks to Months


Early Infection Phase

PCR Testing Recommended

When the virus enters your body, it starts multiplying, and you may or may not have symptoms.

Mid-Infection Phase

PCR + Antigen Testing Recommended

As the virus multiplies, the body begins to react to the viral antigens, possibly resulting in symptoms.

Later to End Infection Phase

IgM Antibody Test Recommended

As your body starts to fight off infection, your immune system produces IgM antibodies.

Post Infection Phase

IgG Antibody Testing Recommended

As your body continues to fight off infection, it produces fewer IgM antibodies and more long-lasting IgG antibodies.


All solutions offer rapid 24-48 hour turnaround times, access to our easy-to-use portal, or custom integration, regular supply delivery, and fast shipping both ways.



We remain committed to the hospitals and long-term care facilities most in need in our communities and across the nation. We also serve hundreds of primary care offices, urgent care facilities, and all the Kroger Health Little Clinics. The majority of our healthcare facility programs are built around a strong focus on PCR testing.



Whether your business is back to work and in need of full-coverage or pool testing or are currently planning your strategy to get back to work, we provide the guidance and options that are best for your desired outcome. Onsite or clinic PCR testing and at-home testing are common solutions for employers.



From meeting sports regulations for testing to full-coverage or pool testing solutions for the larger population, we have the right testing solutions to help keep students, facility, and others safe for education and extracurriculars. A strong onsite PCR testing strategy is a solution we have implemented for the majority of the universities we support.

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PCR Testing

PCR testing detects the virus’ genetic material.

Antigen Testing

Antigen testing detects specific proteins on the surface of the virus.

Antibody Testing

Antibody testing, both IgM and IgG, looks for antibodies that are made by your immune system in response to a threat, such as a specific virus.


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