COVID-19 Testing Solutions for Camps

Gravity Diagnostics, a CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified laboratory licensed in all 50 states, is pleased to be a trusted COVID-19 testing partner to over 1,000 customers nationwide and has facilitated more than 2.3 million processed samples. In a recent school study, we were able to reduce the student positivity rate from 13% to less than 1% with our PCR testing and have enabled multiple schools and programs to return safely. Partnering with Gravity’s testing services – including pooled testing – will help provide the essential camp experience as safely as possible.


Results within 24 hours after the sample reaches the lab

Pooled testing available for increased accessibility and affordability

Customizable solutions- trained staff available to assist with all parts of a testing program

Laboratory open 7 days a week

Some programs covered by ESSER funds

Multiple FDA EUAs and FDA approved materials for COVID-19 testing 

Highest level of compliance including within U.S. Department of  Transportation guidelines

UPS Preferred Healthcare Partner; receives UPS deliveries at 4:30 AM 

Our laboratory has the highest level of accreditation in the industry; CLIA certified and CAP accredited

Infrastructure in place to report to the applicable health departments in all 50 states

Gravity Diagnostics trained staff performing testing on-site.

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